Vargem emerged from an entrepreneurship project with the aim of promoting and disseminating Portuguese products and making known the variety and quality of national production, through innovative, original products or artisanal and sustainable production.

With this philosophy in mind and never detracting from the initial project, we set out around the world in search of products designed or produced outside Portugal, but which, due to their characteristics, complement our showcase of Portuguese products.

In this attempt to give new worlds to the Mercado Português, we created a new brand that encompasses both what is “ours” and what comes “from outside”. Vargem is the atlas where these worlds meet and where we hope that navigation will be smooth and pleasant to all those who already know us and those who come to know us.

Why Vargem? Because, in addition to being the name of one of the places that you can find on the way to Castelo de Vide (where we have our house), it is also a word whose meaning fits perfectly in this new project: “plain or fertile land”. And that is how we want this new journey of the Mercado Português to be seen: a fertile ground that allows the cultivation and harvesting of original, sustainable and unique products.



Join us in the movement against food waste

1/3 of the food produced worldwide is wasted. Let's change this reality together? Vargem joined Too Good to Go in the movement against food waste. Discover this initiative and collaborate!

Join this project and download the application now, available for IOS and Android.


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