Olive Oil and Oregons
Olive Oil and Oregons
Olive Oil and Oregons
Olive Oil and Oregons

Olive Oil and Oregons

Olive Oil Pates are ideal for breakfast or snack, to bar bread, toastor freshly baked toast. But your versatility doesn't stop there! Let yourself be impressed when seasoning a fresh pasta, sauteing vegetables or between a snack and a "soft cavaqueira".



Produced from natural ingredients and at low temperature, to preserve their food value, they are olive oil in solid consistency and incredibly smooth texture.

A tasty alternative for those who care about a healthy lifestyle.

Olive oil and oregon sitter is a mixture of high quality ingredients, cold-worked and allow to obtain olive oil in solid form without changing its properties.

Perfect for breakfast, bread, toast or toast, snacks or to enrich a special dish.

It is used just like a butter, but with all the benefits of olive oil.

Conservation Store in a cool place and away from direct sunlight.

Denomination Olive Oil and Oregons

Additional Information Confirm the information on the article label. Due to possible changes in packaging and/or labels, you should always consider the information that accompanies the product you receive.

Information May contain traces of milk and milk and fruit products casca rija.

Nutritional Information Energy (Kcal/KJ) 836/3499; Lipids (g): 92.7 of which saturated 24.3; Carbohydrates (g): 0.1 of which sugars (g): 0.0; Proteins (g): 0.2; Salt (g): 0.55.

Ingredients and allergens Extra virgin olive oil (79%), cocoa butter, <1% salt flower, agar-agar.

Name and Address New Sabores Santa Clara Uni Lda, Av. Francisco Fino No. 22, 7300-053 Portalegre, Portugal

Net Quantity 85g

The Sabores Santa Clara was founded in 2005 and the inaugural product the Egg Candy portalegre. With all the inspiration in the history of the convents of the city of Portalegre, the first cans of egg cans of Portalegre da Fábrica do Rebuçado® appeared on December 9, 2005. Quickly the unmistakable cans with the colors of the city of Portalegre became a market reference.

The products Sabores Santa Clara are handmade, made with the best ingredients, prioritizing local and national raw materials.

Some of our products, liqueurs in particular, are associated with Natural.pt, a brand of the Institute of Nature Conservation and Forests that promotes the cultural, gastronomic and environmental patromónio of protected areas of mainland Portugal, namely the Serra de São Mamede Natural Park.

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